Active English, founded in 2005, organizes fun holidays in Italy for children between the ages of 7 and 13 who want to learn or improve their English.

• Help the individual child develop within a larger, positive context.
• Provide the campers with a safe, stimulating and positive environment.
• Use English throughout the day.
• Get along with the other campers.
• Respect and help the others.
• Encourage teamwork and individual growth.
• Win and lose applying fair play.[/mk_icon_box2]


Our campers’ English ranges from absolute beginner to proficient and we are able to offer each camper a stimulating and positive environment allowing each to grow and improve. We want our campers to feel they can try new activities and with proper instruction, improve.


We spend as much time as possible outside enjoying games and sports immersed in nature: Soccer, Tennis, Horseback Riding, Volleyball, Water Games, Golf, Baseball/Kickball, Zip Line, Painting, Yoga, Swimming, Field Hockey, Singing, Reading and more! Campers play while simultaneously learning the specific terminology for each sport/activity, not forgetting to have fun along the way! Those who already know English often times learn new games played in other countries and can concentrate on having fun!


Our Valuable Staff

Our staff supports Active English in promoting the 3 main priorities:

1. Safety

2. Happiness

3. The Use of English

ensuring the best possible experience for all concerned!

Sports & Activities

Activities provide yet another way to interact, make new friends, discover new skills and enjoy the summer!


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